Consultation Services

Arista Biologicals Inc. has extensive experience in developing assays for infectious disease, hormones, drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, environmental assays, and many other analyte types. Consultation services are available to clients who already possess proprietary assay technology, and require specific assistance or guidance in further developing those products. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will be happy to provide a proposal for your consideration.

Feasibility Studies

Arista’s feasibility study service is for customers who wish to develop a specific assay. Feasibility studies are ideal for development of new assays, customization of existing assays or outsourcing the development work for proprietary antigens or antibodies.

This type of study is a simple and cost effective way to determine if available reagents are capable of being developed into a working lateral flow assay. With Arista Biological’s extensive experience developing all types of lateral flow assays, and industry standard manufacturing equipment, working with Arista combines great potential for a successful development with a high level of transferability.

Feasibility studies can be performed in as little as two weeks. Reagents can be either supplied by the customer or sourced by Arista Biologicals Inc. Feasibility studies are billed 50% in advance and 50% following the successful completion of the assay.

Custom Purification

Arista Biologicals has extensive experience with antibody purification. Arista offers custom purification service for customers who require affinity, Protein A, or other types of protein purifications for monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. In close consultation with our clients, Arista can determine the best method to target the desired purity, yield and cost, specific to your application. Alternatively Arista can also follow an existing protocol customized to client specifications. Typical purification service takes 1-2 weeks to complete, depending on the purification method chosen. If your application requires an antibody of extremely high purity, an affinity support from your antigen is prepared and used for affinity chromatography. Our technical staff can conjugate even the most difficult antigen to purification support columns.

We are DEA licensed and able to produce drug and related reagents. All antibody purification and processing is performed using equipment and facilities in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Custom Conjugation

Custom conjugation service of your antibody or protein is available for optimization. For the initial pilot conjugation, we require at least two milligrams to perform a thorough optimization, although we have been successful with as little as 200 micrograms in some cases. Please contact us for pricing.